My primary practise consists of film and digital photography. I am also a videographer, and creative director. 

You will often find me capturing moments that normally go unseen through my analog street photography, working with fellow creatives to capture varying artistic visions, and, most notably, exploring queer experiences within Irish society. 

My practise attempts to magnify queer Irish identities through portraiture and documentary photography; my work conveys intimate moments and emotions in a country marked by the rigid sexual mores of Catholicism. Challenging traditional notions of Irish femininity, masculinity and sexuality, works such as Queer Hearts of Dublin (2020)No Queer Apologies (2022) and Now and Forever, Interpersonally Queer (2022-2023) encourage spectators to connect with my subjects as both individuals and as community. Collaborating extensively with fellow queer Irish artists, my work is simultaneously a call for solidarity and a call to action.

I currently live and work in Dublin, Ireland and beyond. 

Solo Exhibitions 


Now & Forever, Interpersonally Queer

All My Friends, Dublin Ireland


No Queer Apologies 

Block T and Hen's Teeth Gallery, Dublin Ireland


Queer Hearts of Dublin - In Aid of MASI

Hen's Teeth Gallery, Dublin Ireland

Group Exhibitions


RHA Annual Exhibition


IOVA Culture Night 23'


PhotoIreland Annual Show

Halftone 22'

IOVA Culture Night 22'



FUTURES 2023 - Nominated to represent Ireland 

Shortlisted for Belfast Photo Exhibition 23'

"Highly Commended" award for"Now & Forever, Interpersonally Queer" from the Belfast Photo Festival Organisation 

Arts Council's Agility Award 2023


Arts Council's Agility Award 2022

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